2016 was such a big year for myself as a photographer and for running a business.  Last year in total I took 3,912 total pictures DURING sessions. Now I didn’t count the pictures I took on my Disney vacation last May, my daughters 6 mo or 1 year old pictures and a few other personal type pictures I did this past year but if I were to add those in I’d probably be over 6000 or more as I know I took 885 total pictures at Disney on my first day there.

It is not very easy picking favorites out of those 3,912 pictures because if you have to decide on 10 pictures from all of those I am deciding on a whomping .0025% of all the those images taken.

Now the images I am going to post in this posting are not going to be in a special order of my all time favorite from this last year but I am pretty sure some of my best ones will be at the top of this list as they are always the ones I go to first when I upload pictures to my Facebook page or another page on line where I post pictures.  I will say this first image I am going to post I am the most proud of due to the fact that before the set of photos it belongs to I was shooting all my pictures in a different format and this set was my first official RAW format shoot.

This image is of Grammy winner Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band and this was the VERY first RAW format edit I felt so accomplished with this picture.

The next image I think was one of my more fun sessions because of who I was shooting.  I will admit it was a free session but the two models made the session what it was.  I helped build my portfolio but also helped build their modeling portfolio’s as well.  Ashlynn and Emmalee are some of the nicest people I think I have worked with over the two years I have been taking pictures.

img_6012This image was actually taken exactly as you see it.  They laid down on the ground and I pretty much just stood over them looking down at them.  It was such a fun session, I actually think I may have another picture or 2 from this session that might make this list as well, but we shall see what happens as this list goes on.

img_6325The image above matches the pictures before this, but what makes this picture so special is that this was my FINAL family session living in Evansville, IN.  This session was my son’s preschool teachers family.  We as a family have gone through a lot of life events with this family so doing this session meant a lot to me as a photographer and I think I got some of my best images came from this session.  I miss them very much because not because they are so photogenic but for everything they did for us.  But I love this picture because of the color and style I was going for on it.

So I do agree this image can cause a lot of controversy because of the flag but you know I like the composition of the image.  The day was very windy so it worked perfectly.  Mackenzie and Judy made this shoot a lot of fun,  it started off in two graveyards in both Evansville and Newburgh, IN as they wanted to get images with people whom were no long with us and couldn’t be celebrating their special time of their life and graduating high school.  We ended up at the Newburgh river front which is the Ohio River and they had a set of stairs that went from a restaurant down to the water and at the bottom was a small cement platform and they are this flag with them and Mackenzie put the flag up and it looked like she would have just blown away with it.  My son still thinks she will fly away by putting that up.

The next two images do somewhat coincide with each other as one is from the maternity shoot (in April) and less then a month later pictures of the baby boy.  At the time and I still love the first picture so much that I still think this was one of my first FAVORITE pictures that I ever took.  I even told the client that exact quote.  Now the image after this first one is awesome because just like the flag picture above is great composition with both the hand, the little guys feet and their wedding bands, now I like the color image of this but going to the B/W version of this shot was even better in my eyes.  Now you may like color versions of pictures and not B/W but this one worked VERY well in my eyes at least.img_1034img_2094_bw

This next image was my first official attempt at both night shoots, night movement and fireworks.  I did try doing them in 2015 and failed terribly as I was to close to the fireworks and this year I was at a distance to be able to get the full firework and the boom.  This was a Evansville Photo Group meetup (unofficial meet up) which made these that much better.I took 79 pictures on the 4th of July and only edited 5 pictures and I had to pick one from them because it was my first night shoots/4th of July/etc.  They had some of the best color and edits I had at the time, these were the 2nd official edits I did in raw and I personally think that if I did these in JPEG only shots, they would not have come out like they did.

These two images were taken at the Evansville’s Nut Club Fall Fest.  Complete movement images.  Long exposure images are so much fun and the composition of the first picture of the Ferris Wheel between the trees that I actually want to get both of them on canvas or even metal prints to hang on my wall.  I don’t think I take a lot of pictures that I think I would hang on my wall at home but at some time in 2017 this will happen.  That is how much I like both of these pictures.   Long exposure is something I plan on doing more of in 2017 with the beach and sunsets and everything that I have access to that I didn’t have up north.img_5737img_5767

Now I am going to be honest.  This last picture actually was hard to choose.  I have a few pictures I want to put as my #10 picture and I know I used a few pictures from either the same session type or shoot but this one actually took some time to pick.  But after debating between a few, I finally decided on my image.  Ashlynn and Emmalee got a tie for the final images.  Like I said I had a bunch that I liked but these tie for #10.  I loved the color in both of them, the location, the background, the blur, the smiles/facial look.  They both were just that much fun to work with not to add them in a 2nd time.


I hope you enjoyed the list of images that I chose as my top pictures of 2016.  I just hope it is as hard to choose my top pictures for 2017 as it was for 2016.